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AIC bishop tells leaders to emulate former president Moi

2017-11-14T19:28:59.214+0000 Chris Ayuoyi

 Africa Inland Church presiding Bishop Silas Yego [Photo/The Star]

Africa Inland Church presiding Bishop Silas Yego acknowledge former president Daniel Moi support of the church during his tenure.

Yego lauded the ex-president for working with several churches across the country and helping them secure plots.

Moi who is also a member of the AIC church was known to be very attentive with church leaders that that approached him.

"Those who know him will tell you that whenever you saw Moi remove his green pen to write you a letter, you were sure that your deal was successful," Yego said as reported by The Star.

Yego spoke during a church service at Nakuru view AIC church and called upon leaders to follow the ex-presidents leadership skills.

"I first met Moi in 1986 and he is still alive and strong because of his commitment to God's service. If you want to leave a mark that will transform lives, be committed to God," Yego said.

Nakuru Deputy Governor Erick Korir, area woman representative Liza Chelule, and Deputy Governor Dr Erick Korir were all in attendance during the church service.

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