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Analyst: Jubilee staging it's own heckling

2017-07-17T09:28:51.875+0000 Adhiambo Ojumbe

A political analyst has said the Jubilee government organized it's own heckling in the Nyanza region a week ago. 


A political analyst has spoken of how the Jubilee government is staging its own heckling predicaments in areas perceived to be opposition strongholds.

Calvince Owidi on Sunday told KTN News that the heckling of deputy president William Ruto in some parts of the Nyanza province was stage managed in order to cast the region as intolerant and also cause a ripple effect that would see the opposition rejected in other areas.

Owidi said some Jubilee agents in the area decided to hire hecklers since it was not possible for Ruto to be heckled by individuals donning the Jubilee party t-shirts.

"The whole episode was staged because how can people who are dressed in red t shirts and closest to the dias be the ones heckling?Jubilee agents planned this so that it could cause copy cat effects in areas where the government enjoys massive following which would, in turn, reject the Nasa brigade.

The deputy president had a harrowing time in Homa Bay and Kisumu where he was jeered by locals.

Incidentally, Nasa's presidential candidate Raila Odinga was also forced to cut off his speech after the crowd became unruly in Kabarnet in Baringo county barely hours after Ruto's Kisumu ordeal.

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