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Boniface Mwangi launches new party

2017-03-20T11:41:57.760+0000 Anunda Sakwa

Human right activist Boniface Mwangi [PHOTO/]

Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi has now launched his new party saying it will help him turn street demos for the rights of the common mwananchi into making legislations in Parliament.

Mwangi on Monday launched the Ukweli Party and said he will use it to contest for the Starehe MP post later this year.

Speaking in Nairobi at the party's Kenya House office, Mwangi said that the Ukweli Party will run under the slogan 'Nguvu kwa mwananchi', which loosely translates to 'power to the people’.

"[Ukweli] will ensure people’s voices are echoed in spaces where they have been ignored for too long," he said.

"We want a Kenya that's free of corruption...where the corrupt belong behind bars. [We will] eventually ensure that the people who want change are bold enough to take part in creating it," he added.

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