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Breast Cancer Awareness--Why the Many Fruit Updates on Facebook

2017-08-18T12:19:55.433+0000 James Njenga

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You have probably seen a lot of  fruit updates on your Facebook timeline. Ladies are posting 'Cherry', 'Strawberry', 'avocado', 'banana' and 'blueberry'. 

Of course it has intrigued you why so many women are posting these fruits and leaving it at that. You might be thinking them showy to update the fruits they had for salad, weren't you? Well, the fruit updates do not show what the women had for salad but rather their commitment to the breast cancer awareness. 

Last year, they would update the bra color they were wearing and it raised a lot of curiosity among the menfolk wondering what the color codes meant. This year, they are updating their relationship status using the fruit codes.

Banana means that the lady is married.

Cherry shows that she is in a relationship.

Pineapple shows that her relationship status is complicated.

Apple says she is engaged.

Strawberry means she can't find the right one.

Lemon tells that she is longing for those days she was single.

Grape ladies say they want to get married.

Raspberry confesses that she is a touch and go woman.

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