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Chris Msando Death: ICT jobs are also risky

2017-08-19T09:10:42.790+0000 James Njenga


Working in the Kenyan army or Kenya police has been perceived as a risky job since you can be killed any time as you defend the country. And yes, defence is not an easy job --but hey, working as an ICT manager in a sensitive body such as the IEBC is also very risky if we are to learn something from the murder of Chris Musando. 

The IEBC ICT manager was one man whose life immediately got under threat the moment the constitution outlined that election results were to be transmitted electronically. The man behind the system would be sought by all and sundry and right and even wrong reasons.

Chris Musando was the man behind the whole IEBC ICT framework. He had all passwords and knew the ins and outs of the system. No wonder his murder has been associated with the alleged General election fraud and use of an algorithm to declare Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner.

Nasa leader, Raila Odinga said that the slain Chris Msando’s password was used to log into the IEBC system and create a Mathematical algorithm that saw Uhuru Kenyatta maintain a constant lead all the way from when the results started being transmitted. 

Jubilee supporters on the other hand have lashed back at NASA saying that they killed Msando so that they could allege hacking. Well, whether Jubilee or NASA took away the life of Msando, it is for forensic investigators to do the job. 

The man is dead and will be laid to rest. May he rest in peace. 

And for you, if you are the ICT manager in a sensitive organization, take care; someone could be after your passwords and life.

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