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Documents in Supreme Court petition Uhuru, IEBC are worried about

2017-11-14T15:11:36.257+0000 Shem Beverton Mukalo

President Uhuru Kenyatta [Photo/]

President Uhuru Kenyatta has, through his lawyer, Mellisa Ng'ania, asked the Supreme Court to do away with five internal IEBC memos to be used to challenge his re-election.

The lawyers contended that the documents were illegally procured.

Ms. Ng'ania told the court that the procedure for obtaining the documents was breached and that no request was made to the IEBC for them. 

Uhuru also wants an affidavit by James Ngodi that is being deployed by two petitioners be chucked out.

The IEBC on its part wants letters to be used in the petition to be also struck out since they were selectively brought into the case for propaganda purposes.

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