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Don't mix sex with war - Raila

2017-07-17T12:55:09.029+0000 Chris Ayuoyi
Raila Odinga at a past event [Photo/NairobiNews]

National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga has asked his supporters to refrain from sex ahead what he calls a 'war' period.

Raila insists that during the elections married couples should wait until after the results are released to have sex.

He also urged his supporters to vote early and clear anything from their schedule that could hinder them from voting.

Odinga highlighted that the youth will play a big role in the upcoming elections and that they would be the ones to prevent Jubilee from rigging the elections.

"I challenge youths to rise up and be counted as the elections are historic. Jubilee have rigged the economy and health facilities. Youths suffer a lot," he said as reported by The Star.

He emphasizes that the youth will be the ones to change the country especially when it comes to living standards.

The Nasa leader pleaded with his supporters not to have sex on the eve of the elections stating it is a 'bad omen'.

"When you are going for war, sex is a bad omen," he said.

"...Ka osudo iri to kiki ing'iye, kone ni wuon ng'ane kiny wanindo gi lueny...kiny ne watim gino ka waseyudo telo."

When translated means: "If he moves closer to you, don't look at him, tell him we have a war to fight...let us have sex after we get the presidency."

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