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Government responds to cholera outbreak

2017-07-17T12:46:45.241+0000 Chris Ayuoyi
Cholera outbreak has claimed the lives of 3 people [Photo/Plive]

The government of Kenya has been forced to come up with a solution to the current cholera outbreak which has claimed 3 lives in Nairobi.

Jackson Kioko who is the Director of Medical Services stated a list of plans that will be implemented.

He further went on to ask counties to prohibit the hawking of food and for hotels to undergo inspections in 21 days after he selected task force counter the outbreak.

The UNHCR, Unicef, Water and Irrigation ministry, WHO, Amref and Red Cross are among those selected in the task force.

All hotels have been prohibited from subcontracting food and should notify the county health department if they plan on doing so 14 days ahead for inspection purposes.

According to Mr. Kioko, since May this year 336 cases of cholera have been reported and 3 people have died as a result of the outbreak.

He also confirmed investigations are currently ongoing following a cholera outbreak at KICC that left more than 50 people in the hospital.

 “Samples of food water and sewer have been collected from outsourced caterers and taken to the National Public Health Laboratory. The results are expected in the course of next week,” he said as reported by the Daily Nation.

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