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Governor Mutua warns NASA politicians advocating for secession

2017-11-14T17:48:36.921+0000 Benard Ramoka

Governor Alfred Mutua in a past event. He has warned NASA against push for secession. (Photo/

Governor Alfred Mutua has rubbished the Bill seeking to split the county into two Republics.

According to the Machakos governor, the Bill by Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma is a waste of time.

Speaking to journalists at his Machakos office on Tuesday, Mutua said that Kenya is a unitary state and that the opposition will not succeed in its quest for secession.

The Maendeleo Chap Chap (MCC) Governor observed that Kenyans have been living in unity since independence and that NASA’s attempt to divide them on tribal lines will not work.

“NASA is wasting time because Kenyans will not allow themselves to be divided on tribal or region basis,” he said. 

The governor said that NASA politicians have run out of political ideas and are desperate to remain relevant.

Mutua pleaded with Kenyans to reject the secession calls and remain untied as they have been.

The Machakos governor asked  opposition politicians to drop the secession calls and wait for 2022 general election to try their lack.

The secession debate has created sharp reactions among Kenyans and politicians. 

The secession Bill by MP Kaluma seeks to have 40 out of the 47 counties secede.

The Bill seeks to have creation of two Republics (peoples Republic of Kenya that will comprise of the 40 counties and the Central Republic of Kenya that comprises of the remaining 7 counties).

The Homa Bay Town lawmaker claims that it is only through secession that the country will address the political, social and economic injustices that some communities have been subjected to since independence.

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