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How have 1,400 Hivisasa writers built an audience of 9m in 2017?

2017-11-13T15:49:42.183+0000 Chloe Hivisasa

Part of the map of Kenya. [Photo/ Chloe]

My name is Chloe and I am the founder of Hivisasa. This is my first direct message to the Hivisasa community.

Hivisasa is powered by a community of 1,400 very ambitious writers from all over the country who are eager to gain influence, make a name for themselves, earn from their writing, and make a better world by spreading knowledge. These writers connect with other like-minded Kenyans around the topics and ideas that matter to them. Hivisasa is a platform local county writers use to gain reach.

Thanks to these founding writers, we have 1.6 million dedicated monthly readers and 1m+ Facebook followers. We peaked at 38,000,000 monthly page views recently. We are a young community, but apparently powerful as we have already overpassed some of the veteran mainstream newspapers in terms of online reach.

Aside from national stories, Hivisasa emphasises local COUNTY news from: Nakuru, Kisumu, Uasin Gishu, Machakos, Kiambu, Kisii, Nyamira, Mombasa, Kibera (Nairobi), and Garissa.

Our dream is to open all 47 counties in 2018.

What is our philosophy?

We provide MEANINGFUL news stories for those who have an interest in the regions outside Nairobi, where 2/3 of Kenyans live. Our content is about ANY matter that affects the lives in those regions. Our news stories are: local, compelling, trendy, short, unique, accessible for free, and shareable.

Hivisasa was founded with the purpose of ELEVATING county and national debates.

Is there information your county needs to hear and you have no outlet?

Are you tired of the way the mainstream media covers your life in the counties?

Do you have a strong opinion that needs to be heard? Are you pissed off about something? 

If you already write, how many of your county stories are shelved by Nairobi headquarters?

What you choose to write about is up to you, just write from the HEART and BRAIN.

Unlike Facebook, allowing writers to MONETISE their writing is at the core of Hivisasa’s DNA. And unlike the mainstream media, when writers bring value, they get value back with our performance-based pay. Grace can explain to you how the top writers in our community make Sh25k/month. When you submit an article, you must add your M-Pesa number for payment (we pay 3 times a week).

You don't need degrees or special connections to write for us, anyone can submit a story as long as it is compelling. Go ahead and WhatsApp our talent manager Grace on this WhatsApp group and she will guide you. She can also connect you to some of the most senior ’gold’ writers in our community if you want to ask them about their experience.

To connect with me directly, join our WhatsApp group.

Share this post with your network if our community inspires you. Message me you have feedback (criticism welcomed).

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

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