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Jama rubbishes clan-based politics, confident of winning

2017-04-21T11:14:33.522+0000 Charles Ronald

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama has dismissed the recently formed political outfit, Telamuge Alliance saying that he will retain his seat come the August polls.

Governor Jama, who expressed confidence that he will clinch the gubernatorial race said the new alliance which brings together the Abduwak and Samawadhal communities will not stand the test of time.

Jama said the alliance was formed by a few individuals who are keen on protecting their interests instead of serving the residents of Garissa.

Speaking in Garissa town, the governor said those few individuals have sensed defeat and they are looking for other ways but they won’t succeed.

“The alliance is a selfish move by the few individuals who are keen to protect their interests at the expense of the community,” said Jama.

“When you talk of clan-based alliances, are you trying to exclude other communities just to advance your interest? The kind of politics we want in Garissa is one based on achievements, not clans,” added Jama.

The Telamuge Alliance, which was formed last year in a negotiated democracy deal, will see Ali Korane from the Abduwak clan run for the governorship, Abdi Dagane from the Samawadhal clan as Korane’s deputy, incumbent Senator Yusuf Haji from the Samawadhal clan will defend his seat and Annab Subow from the Abduwak clan to run for the Women Representative seat.

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