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Kenyans coin new titles for Ekuru Aukot

2017-11-14T04:21:02.909+0000 Dodi Meyo

Thirdaway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot [PHOTO/]

Thirdaway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot has earned new name sand titles courtesy of Kenyans on Twitter.

Ekuru posted on his Twitter handle saying that he was back in court to deliver unexpectd punches since mosquitoes still bite elephants.

"We are back in court and they are ALL quivering .As @Thirdwaykenya we know where we are headed. Mosquitoes will still bite the elephants— #OneNation," he said

His tweet came after his meeting with his legal advisor Senior Counsel Ellis Mutimba on November 10.

But Kenyans were not to spare him, many throwing accusations of his constant change of opinion and being a puppet of the Government.

Others even coined a new name for him - slay king.

Dr. Ekuru Aukot has been my friend for long .. below is how we greeted each other when he returned from Liberia at the height of Ebola crisis ... Though we are still BFFs, I no longer know what he wants in politics," said @DonaldBKipkorir.

"Dear slay queens and Kings, I think you should know that Twitter is not the right place for you, Here we discuss serious issues, i advice you to switch to Instagram or Facebook. thank you cc Ekuru Aukot," said @Captain_Lawi.

Others thought Aukot was just a socialite wannabe.

"Your guy "Ekuru Aukot" late behaviour is only Comparable to Socialites. He will soon Land the Suitor. Good Luck to him on his Search. But I advise him to be the Aukot who used to have a stand, and who Stood for Justice and Democracy for this Nation," said @WiperYouthWing.

Another user @Saharex blamed the former presidentian candidate of bringing to Kenya a copy-paste constitution that was not workable.

"The problem with the Kenyan Constitution is that pseudo intellectuals like Ekuru Aukot copy pasted the U.S.A Constitution without accounting for Geopolitical, cultural, social & economic differences—@saharex said.

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