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Parliament must transact business despite NASA, Jubilee 'fights' , says ODM governor

2017-09-13T13:31:51.187+0000 Dennis Chacha

Legislators at the official opening of the 12th Parliament. [Photo/PSCU]

Council of governors chair Josphat Nanok has said Parliament must conduct its affairs despite hightened political temperatures in the country.

The opposition governor said Parliament is a critical institution in unblocking stalemates to ensure the country runs smoothly.

Nanok said NASA's MPs who skipped the opening of parliament were exercising their right but stressed that Uhuru remains the Head of State until a new one is sworn in.

“President Uhuru remains as the president until a new one is sworn in,” he said.

Nanok warned striking medics and urged them to resume work or be sacked.

“Let them return to work as we continue to engage in addressing their Collective Bargaining Agreement to have an amicable solution,” he said.

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