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Posting fruits on social media does not help Breast Cancer Awareness

2017-08-19T06:22:59.996+0000 James Njenga

The cat has already been let out of the basket as far as breast cancer awareness and fruit updates on social media are concerned. Ladies have taken to this trend where they post on social media a fruit say ‘Cherry’-- a code for her relationship status. Men were not supposed to know this but we did! Well, I am not really sure how that affects breast cancer awareness. If asked, I think it is mundane. Last year, they did one where ladies would post the color of the bra they were wearing and it made some sense since bras are related to breasts. But fruits...really?

I work in an organization that has a hospice. Now, a hospice for those who do not know is an inpatient health facility where people with terminal illnesses are given palliative care before they die. Doctors have already lost hope in them and the only thing is referral to a hospice where they can peacefully await death. Breast cancer victims make a big number of this patients and oh my, those people are in excruciating pain. Anytime I visit the hospice, I am met by these sympathetic figures of women lying in bed cringing and wailing in patient. That is what breast cancer does to you. It robs of all your dignity and self-control.

Posting a fruit on your Facebook timeline, if I may opine, is an insult and mockery to the pain that they are going through. And why do you have to keep this breast cancer awareness thing secret? Men too are affected. We are brothers, fathers, sons and husbands of ladies that are susceptible to the malady. So, involve us too.

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