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Simple ways to make your relationship last

2017-11-14T18:15:58.511+0000 CWKARANJA

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I don't think there's anyone who has all the answers to love. But there are things we can do to ensure that we give and receive as much affection as humanly possible. What can you do to ensure that you and your lover spend many sunrises and sunsets together?

Be understanding of each other's shortcomings. I don't mean domestic violence and extreme kind of abuses. I just mean the weaknesses that we bear in our personalities and human nature. Whether it's trouble keeping time, moderate discipline with finances or poor social skills, these are things that can be worked on.

Learn to communicate with each other about anything and everything. Whether it's your feelings, ideas, opinions or suggestions, it's important that you listen to each other. One of the hot areas of communication is a correction. It can easily turn into an attack and exchange of words. Instead of yelling, which provides a hostile environment, be smart and gentle with your words.

We are not all in the same financial lane but relationships need money. I'm sorry dear but that romantic poem won't feed your stomach. As much as the love is strong, it can't pay rent. When you love someone, you try as much as possible to provide for them so they don't lack. Have financial discipline and help each other provide to keep both of you happy.

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