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Sonko on the spot over albino remark

2017-03-20T11:15:02.367+0000 Arangi P. Arangi

Caption: Senator Mike Sonko at a past function. Photo source:

Senator Mike Sonko has been criticized for referring to former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth as an albino. 

Speaking during an interview on Sunday Live in Citizen TV, Sonko compared his arch rival Kenneth as albino, a remark that nominated Isaac Mwaura did not find suitable. 

Mwaura, who have been on the forefront in the fight to protect people living with albinism in the nation, has launched a scathing attack against Senator terming his remarks unacceptable as the nexty general polls inch closer.

He faulted Sonko for not showing his interest in changing the lives of the people affected by the skin condition. 

The MP threatened to take an action against the Senator if he does not come out to apologize for the comments he made on air.

“We want to have a culture where Kenyans respect one another,” retorted Mwaura, as quoted by Citizen. 

During the interview, Sonko insisted that he will not bow out of the governorship race to pave way for Peter Kenneth. 

According to Sonko, he would rather step down for businessman Jimnah Mbaru or Equity CEO James Mwangi but not PK.

“I am not going to step down for one Peter Kenneth! I will not be his running mate. Even if he agrees to step down for me, [saying] he wants to be my running mate, I will not accept it,” said Sonko.

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