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Students set dormitory on fire in Nakuru

2017-07-17T09:24:33.886+0000 PRISTONE MAMBILI

Anester Boys High school in Bahati, Nakuru County is counting losses after one dormitory was on Sunday night burnt down.

This coming just after students of  Anestar boys high school went on strike only four days after they burnt another dormitory on Thursday night.

The students are said to have set the dormitory on fire at  2.30am  before others escaped after pulling down a stone wall.

Attempts by neighbors to assist in putting out the fire were met with hostility after students started pelting them with stones.

Journalists were barred from accessing the school as security guards said that they were under firm instructions not to allow journalists inside the school.

On Thursday, journalists were also barred from taking photographs and accessing the school as the school director Victor Gatimu termed the incident as a small issue.

Thursdays’ fire was lit at 10.30pm when there was a heavy down pour.

It was not immediately clear why the students in the high performing school went on strike.

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