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Suspect retracts guilty plea after hearing prison sentence

2017-09-13T13:16:59.737+0000 Charles Ronald

George Ositu who pleaded guilty to offering a bribe to an employee at GPO Huduma center in Mombasa. [Photo/]

A man who was arraigned in court over allegations of giving a bribe quickly retracted his guilty plea after hearing the sentence such cases attract.

George Ositu was accused of allegedly offering Silas Muzungu, an employee at the National Registration of Bureau a Sh500 bribe to get some information.

The court heard that the accused person committed the offence at the GPO Huduma Centre in Mombasa County on December 6, 2016.

Ositu admitted to giving the bribe before Chief Magistrate Evans Makori but quickly changed his mind after the magistrate told him he would be sentenced to two years in prison.

“Are you ready to spend two to three years in prison for that crime? You have to choose, either you bribed the worker or you just gave him as processing fee for which you must have a receipt.”

“I’m not in a hurry to sentence you so think about what you are about to do,” said Magistrate Makori, as quoted by the Star.

Ositu denied the charges and told the court that the money was for processing documents and that he had been issued with a receipt.

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