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The reasons why you should be running or jogging

2017-07-17T11:01:16.356+0000 Nouvelle Ochia

Most of us hate exercising but we still want to maintain that perfect body shape and live a healthy lifestyle.

Running is one exercise that comes with a lot of benefits but we don't engage in it,even some sports people apart from athletes.

Hard to believe but running or jogging actually makes you happier, no matter how you are feeling, exercising will always make you feel better.

Running gets you fit by burning calories in your body.There is no better and healthier way to strengthen your knees, joints and bones like taking a jog or running.

We all age with time but running keeps you sharp even as you grow old, recent research has shown that fit older adults score better in mental tests than the unfit ones.Running also reduces your risk to get cancer.

Take a jog today, live a healthier and longer life.

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