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Three indicators that Uhuru's re-election was computer generated - Raila

2017-08-16T13:46:13.441+0000 Kaka Mwalimu

Raila Odinga at the Okoa Kenya Secretariat. [Photo/Citizen TV]

NASA leader Raila Odinga has finally spoken after Kenyans waited from Sunday to hear his address and the next move that the opposition coalition will take after the August 8, poll defeat.

Odinga claimed that Uhuru did not win the elections fairly but his victory was a creation of computer generated fraud.

The former Prime Minister highlighted three reasons why he feels the election was rigged basing his argument on the fact that as per Tuesday 16th August IEBC had not availed all the form 34A for public scrutiny.

"Yesterday, IEBC CEO Chiloba made a stunning admission that they couldn’t produce all the form 34As," said Raila.

Odinga also said preliminary reports by the Carter Center which was one of the international observers during the polls questioned the elections.

"The Carter Centre, in its preliminary findings has questioned this rush and its overall impact on the outcome," said Odinga.

This is what the Carter Center said:

"Although election day voting and counting processes functioned smoothly, the electronic transmission of results from the polling stations to the 290 constituency centers, where official results are tallied, proved unreliable. Unofficial results were also transmitted to the national tally center, where they were posted on its website. Unfortunately, the early display of vote tallies at the national level was not accompanied by the scans of polling station results in forms as planned, nor labeled unofficial, leading to some confusion regarding the status of official results."

Finally, Odinga claimed that the trend at which the numbers were trickling in during the tallying at the IEBC online results portal proved beyond reasonable doubt that the results were doctored.

"Then there was the bizarre phenomenon of Uhuru Kenyatta’s “lead” staying at around a consistent 11 percent throughout the release of the “results!” surprisingly, this same pattern also occurred in many gubernatorial races across the country," he said.

"Such a fixed margin has never been maintained throughout any democratic election anywhere in the world. But it happened here because an algorithm had been introduced to rig the outcome. It happened in full view of all our people and all the election observers," he added.

NASA has concluded that they will go to the Supreme Court and table all the evidence they have regarding the polls.

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