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What If Raila is sworn in on Friday?

2017-11-14T11:57:45.083+0000 Thomas Chemelil

Raila Odinga at a past swearing ceremony. [photo/]

News that Raila and Kalonzo will be trooping back to the battlefield of politics after completing their stints abroad is beginning to sink. With it comes the realization that the political temperatures will rise again a notch higher.

His political supporters are already preparing the mother-of-all welcome for the man they perceive to be the hero of the second liberation in Kenya.

That the day he arrives in Kenya will not be an ordinary day is not in doubt. There is a deliberate attempt by team Raila to show force as a warning to the courts that their decision will save or break Kenya.

Raila has chosen not to go to court this time. He has chosen the path of using NRM to propagate his wishes through economically sabotaging companies perceived to be in bed with Jubilee.

Yet we still ask ourselves: what if his supporters decide to 'swear him in' on his arrival? What implications will it have in the country's stability?

Already, the secessionist calls have risen a decibel higher with Mombasa, Nyanza and parts of Western supporting it wholly.

Mombasa Governor Joho and his Kilifi counterpart have not hidden their detest for the amorphous entity called Kenya. They are keen on establishing a caliphate in the Coast to be ruled by the one and only Sultan Joho.

The secessionist agenda is not new. Kenya has had several experiences with the Shifta menace in North Eastern, the Mombasa Republican Council insurgency amongst others.

The government has often resorted to resolving the conflicts arising by using the military might at its disposal. This has led to massacres like the one that happened in Wagalla in North Eastern in the operation to weed out shifta combatants from the region.

Whatever happens on Friday, we should all tighten our belts for the rough ride ahead.

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