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Why Maraga got angry during presidential petition hearing

2017-11-14T19:27:23.053+0000 Moses

Chief Justice David Maraga. [Photo/Nation]

The Supreme Court on Tuesday started hearing a presidential petition challenging the win of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Tuesday session was meant for the lawyers debate preliminary issues.

The highlight of the session was on the argument regarding late submission of some documents filed by activists Khelef Khalifa and Njonjo Mue who are the petitioners.

The activists’ lawyer Julie Sowetto had defended the late submission by claiming that the petitioners were asked to complete filing of court documents after the Supreme Court registrar got tired of stamping the bulky documents and asked them to come the next day.

Maraga had to seek clarification after he indicated that the judges had been informed that six sets of documents were submitted.

The revelation seems to have angered Marga who had to summon the Supreme Court deputy registrar to explain if it was true that he got tired of stamping documents and allowed the petitioners to leave with the files.

The registrar's office, however, denied the allegations.

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