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Why your efforts to earn online are crumbling

2017-08-18T09:59:42.974+0000 James Njenga

[Photo/Ajira Digital Kenya]

When the ICT Cabinet Secretary, Joe Mucheru, announced that they were going to train Kenyan youths on online jobs, myriads of Kenyans joined the initiative dubbed 'Ajira Digital Portal'. They were lured by the hefty pay packages that they were promised. They therefore quickly signed up for the program, went through training and started bidding for jobs. However, not many could meet the resilience, skill-set and patience that online earning requires. While online writing is not rocket science, there are certain interpersonal skills that you require. Yes, your educational background does not matter that much. I have personally seen form four leavers earn handsomely from online writing because they were determined, keen to details and ready to learn.

If you have tried online earning and are yet to hit the jackpot, here are some things that you could be doing that are shadowing you from the price.

1. You are out to make money through all means. Period!

You are the type of Kenyan who wants to fraud everything. You want to get what you have not earned. When a client assigns you a job, you either submit a very shady job or plagiarize the whole thing and then go ahead to demand payment. Well, let me tell you one thing my friend--online work is work. You have to work your ass off. Sit in-front of that computer and submit quality work that you too would not mind paying for.

2. You are jumpy and never wait to learn  a system

Today, you join Upwork and sign up for an account. you bid a few jobs and get none. Tomorrow you sign up for iwriter, write an article that gets rejected. You give up and move to transcribing. The next day, you are trying affiliate marketing.  The day after next you try writing news or op-eds for hivisasa. Well, let me tell you the truth my friend, still water runs deep. Work on one system, learn the ropes of the platform and move on to something else.

3. You do not learn--incorrigible

You are the type that cringes from negative feedback. Lets say that you pick a job on one of the platforms and the client says that they do not like your tone. Instead of reviewing the work and changing the tone, you go ahead and get mad. You call the client names and tell them that you will not review the article. Well, in online writing, accept corrections, learn from them and move on.

4. You want to get rich today and now

As a newbie, be patient. Rome was not built in a day. But there are these folks who want to earn like those who have been writing for a long time. Well, things do not go that way. You have to be patient. It is a virtue.

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