Apply for AFC loans and diversify, Kiambu farmers advised

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Farmers in Kiambu have been urged to take advantage of loans from the Agriculture Finance Corporation (AFC) to boost agricultural yields.

Speaking on Friday afternoon at Kagwe Tea factory, AFC Kiambu branch credits officer Mr Alex Mwangi said the corporation is committed to ensuring a sustained increase in agricultural production.

He said the loans have a low interest of 10 percent where a farmer can access loans from a minimum of Sh200,000.

“AFC provides loans to farmers at a low interest of 10 percent, the farmers should take advantage of this to enhance their crop and livestock production,” he said.

The credit officer further advised farmers to insure their crops to avoid suffering a total loss incase of crop failure.

“Many farmers are continually counting losses during drought seasons simply because they can’t access compensation for the crop failure,” he said.

Mwangi said the only required security for the loan is a valid title deed and the loans are available to both large scale and small-scale farmers.

He advised farmers to seek advice from agriculture officers to improve their skills and reap maximum profits. He says farmers in other counties have already benefitted and have projects already running.

Kiambu crops officer Mrs Faith Mugo applauded the program saying that a lot of farmers will be in a position to increase their crop production and diversify into new crops to boost food security. 

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