Communication is among the tenets of a strong relationship. 

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Some men find it hard sharing their problems with the women they love. Through being open, your partner will understand you even better and make things work for your good. 

A right partner will never leave you to wonder over some things. A real man will always speak out whenever he has something important. 

If he can’t open up about these 3 things, just quit;

1. The way he feels

Your partner should inform you about his feelings. He should let you know whether he is attracted to you or not. In the event that you have hurt him, a right partner will never keep quiet. Through communication, you will learn to live happily together.

2.  His future plans

 A man without a plan is not worth your time. Someone who reveals what he is planning. He should speak about his plans so that you can see whether there is anywhere you can assist him. A man without any mission is useless.

3. What he wants in bed 

Intimacy plays a crucial role in a relationship. You need someone who is ready to share with you what he needs in the bedroom. The openness he exercises in the bedroom prevents cases such as cheating in marriage