With Valentine's Day around the corner, it is clear that many couples around the world are busy planning for the day. Business owners have not been left behind either as they seek to make handsome profits on this special day when couples get to celebrate their love.

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A section of comrades at Kenyatta University is also making plans to celebrate the day with their lovers. Considering this year's Valentine's Day will fall on a Thursday, it might be difficult for the students to plan for a proper date outside the campus as they risk missing their lectures.

Here are three places within the campus where students can take their partners on a date.

1. Arboretum

If you want the natural environment to colour your Valentine's Day then the Kenyatta University Arboretum is the place for you. The beautiful garden provides a serene environment for a picnic. This will also give you an opportunity to spend some time with your partner away from friends.

2. Swimming arena

You can take your partner for swimming at the campus swimming pool and shower them with lots of love inside the pool. However, do not engage in excessive public display of affection as this may make other students feel uncomfortable. For students, you will only need to part with the Sh50 fee charged at the pool. 

3. Kenyatta University Campanile

Taking your partner to the Kenyatta University Campanile, the first in East and Central Africa, will leave them feeling valued. The visit will give you a chance to bond with your partner as you climb to the bell tower's 14th floor.  The view at the peak will also be a breathtaking experience which your lover will live to remember.