For years now, Mtwapa town has been 'enjoying' the 'Sin city' title at the Coast region. Kenya is blessed with only three cities, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu, but Mtwapa town has also seen the title 'city' linked to it.

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However, Mtwapa's city status has been due to its vices. The town is found about 15 kilometres to the North of Mombasa city, which is much known for its vices than virtues.

What is a sin city?

Sin City is an urban area that caters to various vices, legal or illegal activities, which are tolerated. Examples include sex-related services (prostitution, strip clubs, sex shops, etc.), gambling (casinos, betting shops, etc.), or drug use.

From the definition above, Mtwapa is indeed a sin city.

On the hand, Bamburi is not far away from Mtwapa's status. It is like Bamburi is rapidly coping Mtwapa's lifestyle and paste everything at its centre.

Bamburi is located in Kisauni Constituency, Mombasa County. It has tourist and beach-front facilities, which makes it an ideal place for both the locals and tourists.

Several recreational facilitates have been set up in Bamburi, clubs, casinos and brothels among others. The place is active during the day and night, which promotes several vices in the area, especially at night.

More so, 'night nurses' of late are shifting from Mtwapa to Bamburi, making the town more active in vices that Mtwapa itself.

 Several night parties are happening in Bamburi considering its proximity to the beach. 

Phrases like "Kunguni wa Mtwapa wamejaa huku leo" are becoming so common in Bamburi especially at nights, which symbolically means 'Mtwapa sex workers have flooded around'.

Bamburi being in Kisauni, crimes are also reported now and then. The knife-wielding criminals in Kisauni have on some occasions disturbed the peace in this region.

This raises concerns if in the near future Bamburi will be the second 'sin city' at the coast region of Kenya.