Tension is steadily piling in Banisa area of Mandera county after the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) allegedly descended on locals in a bid to piece information on two missing Cuban doctors.

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Locals claim armed officers numbering to hundreds stormed the area on Sunday at dawn, where they demanded to be told of the identities of the alleged abductors.

According to Mzee Habiba, a resident of Banisa, officers stormed into his house on Sunday demanding answers for what he was not even aware of.

"It is wrong for the police to harass us and demand answers for what we don't know. Personally, I fell victim to their harassment on Sunday. They told me to reveal the people who abducted two Cuban doctors," Habiba disclosed, adding that he heard of the unfortunate incident several hours later after it happened.

Another resident identified as Abdia Shukri said that his husband was physically assaulted for failing to answer a question he did not have an answer.

"My husband was beaten using sticks. The only crime he committed is failing to answer a question he did not know," the mother of five stated.

Cases of uniformed officers descending on locals in the North Eastern region has been happening for a while. Residents are now calling for their local leadership to intervene in the matter. 

The two Cuban doctors were abducted on Friday by suspected Al Shabaab militants who are believed to have managed to crossover to Somalia.