There are many reasons why various people watch TV especially while outside their homes where the watchers' preferences are definitely different.

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For instance, there are those who will always be interested in watching say soap operas, documentaries, news, movies, wildlife, preachings, sports among many others.

However, these personal preferences will more often than not take a rear seat in many Thika pubs save for the days when there are English Premier League games going on during the prime time.

Otherwise, during this time (1900hrs-2200hrs) news is always a priority. So, what TV channels tick in Thika pubs during this time slot and why?

1. K24

The once-struggling Mediamax Network-owned TV station continues to gain a foothold among many Thika revellers who especially prefer watching its 7pm news over other channels.

The TV station is evidently popular due to its close association with President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto thus pro-UhuRuto news coverage.

Its much focus on human interest stories and features also give it an upper hand over competitors.

2. Citizen TV

The Royal Media Services-owned TV station despite its association with opposition politics is still widely watched in Thika pubs especially during its 9pm news bulletin.

Revellers say that its 9pm news is comprehensive due to their analytical perspective among other things.

3. Kameme TV

The K24 sister TV station will be tuned in many Thika pubs at 8pm when it airs its prime-time news broadcast.

4. Inooro TV

It is almost a must-watch channel in pubs frequented by the old folks who like its comprehensive local news roundup. Additionally, it's the best Kikuyu TV station in all matters news, politics, analysis and what have you.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that this is just a mere observation that is not based on any survey or scientific findings.

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