Former Lagdera MP Farah Maalim has sent an urgent apology following a careless tweet that returned to haunt him.

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In the apology, Maalim revealed that the backfired tweet was directed at specific Somali youths who had ignored societal norms.

"Apologies to non-Muslims. The tweet was directed at some Somali youths who vacated all societal norms and traditions. Insults and abuses are an anathema only associated with base elements in society. Of course traditions, marriages, legitimacy or lack of vary in communities," the former MP wrote.

In his earlier tweet, Maalim had evidently attacked people born out of wedlock claiming they were vulgar and ignorant.

"In primitive settings some ignorant youth seek relevance in vulgarity. A friend of mine once told me every time you see an ignorant young man foul mouthing elders more often than not he/she is born out of wedlock. A legitimate young person will seek clarification when in doubt," Maalim had alleged in an earlier tweet.

For some time now, the former National Assembly deputy speaker has been taking a low profile following his loss against the incumbent Garissa Township MP Aden Duale. 

However, he is gradually gaining popularity through a series of controversial updates on his various social media platforms.