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Historical explanation on why Luos are proud

Curtis Otieno
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A Luo warrior in full traditional regalia. [Photo/Standard]

Members of the Luo community are deemed the most proud people in the nation, a claim that can to some extent be confirmed as a result of their love for comfort, praise and luxury.

Though the stereotype seems to be more popular currently than it was in the past, history reveals that the Luo people have been proud all through their existence, even before the invasion of the colonialists.

According to the ‘’Luo Social Forum’’ a historical publication covering the entire Luo community including those of Uganda and Tanzania, these people historically likened themselves to the crane bird, known in Dholuo as Ongo Wang’.

They traditionally adopted the proud bird as their symbol, as it’s behavior and conduct can be closely linked to the pride they have in their culture, intelligence and lifestyle.

They are said to have derived their pride from their forefathers who led courageous lives and who won most of their fights against their neighbors, hence their ability to displace some community’s along their way, a good instance being the Gusii who are said to have inhabited the land currently housing the Luo.

Ongo Wang' derives its name from its melodious tune and is also the symbol of unity of the neighboring Uganda, which also boasts of a significant number of Luos.

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