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How to flirt on social media

Reuben Simiyu
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The social and cultural norms are diversifying and changing at an alarming rate. 

The digital aspect of being is quickly and steadily being integrated into the society. 

Nowadays, people hook up over the internet and even end up getting married. 

Flirting online seems awkward but not when you notice someone you really want to get into. 

But how do you really go about it given they do not really know anything about you?

Here are simple steps on how you can flirt on social media:

1. Commenting 'sweetly' on their posts

Whenever someone you have had the 'digital' crush on posts, post your comment on their stuff and make sure it is sweet as ever. 

Make sure they smile at your comment as they scroll down the comments section. 

Do this on several of their posts and they will surely want to know more about you and even want to meet you in real life. 

2. Like their stuff

Whenever they post on social media, make sure you are almost the first person to like or react to each of their posts. 

When you do that consistently, they may surely send you a private message and request to know you more. 

It may take time but they will surely take notice when your name always appears first on the number of people who have liked their stuff.

3. Following

Following them is one of the very first steps towards the flirting on social media. 

If you do that on Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter and all their social media accounts, they will notice the consistency and be interested to know you more.

4. Messaging at night

The most appropriate time to send your crush a message and hope that they reply is at night when they are relaxing probably on the bed and not doing anything. 

It is highly likely that you will get a nice reply to the same. 

Sending the message during the day could possibly see it not replied to or just discarded because you are 'unfamiliar.'

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-Reuben Simiyu

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