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Why older woman-younger man relationships are on the rise

Ndung'u Wa Gathua.
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Many youngsters are engaging in active sexual relationships with older women. [Source/]

As women advance in age, there is a common fallacy that they lose interest in sex.

But nothing could be further from the truth according to a Thika based psychologist and youth mentor, Francis Chege.

In an exclusive interview on Wednesday, Chege asserts that this common misconception has been watered down by the existence of many elderly women who seek the services of young men.

He says that a 60-year old woman, for instance, is as sexually active as a woman in her 30s and 40s.

"A research done by one American scientist shows that although elderly women may have low libido than during their earlier years, their sexuality remains stable," Chege says.

He adds that many Thika youngsters whom he mentors have confided in him that they were in active sexual relationships with older women who have turned them into sex pets.

This phenomenon, Chege notes, can be attributed to a couple of factors as we outline below.

1. Willing buyer, willing seller matrix

Chege says that there are many elderly women around Thika who are able to 'hire' the services of young and sexually energetic men who are in turn lured by material gains.

2. Lazy youths

Chege says: "Many young men I have met and who are in such relationships have told me that there are no jobs to enable them to survive in town. I call this laziness and lack of ideas on their part. This is no excuse for this because youngsters have a lot of know-how which if they only engaged their brains a little, would enable them to soar to great heights."

3. Older women prefer young men because they can control them as they want. The psychologist says that the young men's financial dependence on such women gives the latter an upper hand to turn them to 'sex pets'.

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