Have you ever met someone with inferiority complex? Inferiority complex is among the leading dream killers. Individuals who have inferiority complex find it hard pursuing their dreams in life. If you feel like you have issues with inferiority complex then read on. Here are four signs you suffer from inferiority complex.

1. You require approval for anything you do

A person who requires approval before he or she can do anything has issues to do with inferiority complex.  A person with this mindset requires validation from others even after he or she has done something good. You do not need others to approve your work before it can be considered good.

2. Other people’s feelings affect you so much

If you keep focusing on what other people are saying about you and allow their opinions to have a negative effect on your life, then you could be suffering from inferiority complex. You need to learn to ignore negative opinions in life if you want to realise happiness at the end of the day. 

3. You come up with your requirements last

A person dealing with issues to do with inferiority complex often puts their needs last. They feel like what others are doing matters most than their needs. Shunning such a mindset will enable you to put yourself first and begin working towards achieving your goals.

4. You ignore valuable feedback

Positive feedback can help us grow. However, not all people are keen on working on the valuable feedback they get from people. If you are not keen on receiving constructive criticism then it means you suffer from inferiority complex.