Police are still searching for Humphrey Kariuki, the owner of Africa Spirits Limited.

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This comes after the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti on Friday said they had launched a manhunt for the billionaire following a raid by Flying Squad officers, DCI and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officials at the factory located in Thika, Kiambu County.

The officers are said to have found 32,000 litres of illicit alcohol as well as 21 million counterfeit KRA stamps at the plant.

Smuggled ethanol was also recovered at the plant which produces brands including Legend brandy, Glen Rock Whisky and Bluemoon vodka.

The firm is said to have been smuggling their illegal and counterfeit products to neighbouring countries using fake KRA stamps. 

“We found about 21 million counterfeit stamps at the factory. That means the commission would have lost Sh1.2 billion. In one production shift, the amount of tax lost is about Sh93 million,” said Mr Githii Mburu, the KRA commissioner of intelligence and strategic operations.

Fresh details now indicate that Mr Kariuki is believed to be in Zambia, where he is said to have travelled in January.

Kariuki is also been sought over tax evasion, as his Thika plant is accused of failing to remit their monthly tax of Sh 3 billion.