Eldoret is regarded as one of the fastest growing towns in the country. Due to its tremendous growth, the town has experienced an influx in the number of sex workers.

The sex workers who mainly operate in the famous Oginga Odinga street at night lure 'thirsty' men into getting their services but instead end up stealing from them.

It is now emerging that some of the sex workers have employed dubious ways of exploring randy men to fall for them and reap from where they have not sown;

Here are some of the tricks they are using;

School uniform

Some sex workers in Eldoret streets wear school attire in order to lure young men who are interested in school girls because of the common belief of their innocence. 

"Men always like school girls as they are not 'dirty' like prostitutes. We could wear a uniform of certain schools in the region and approach some unsuspecting rich young men who would fall to our trick. We divert them to some poorly lighted streets where we robbed them," confessed Martha, a reformed sex worker.


Since the sex workers are just after money and not sex, these twilight girls breach the agreement and demand more after satisfying the client.

Peter who fell a victim of overcharging said he was walking through one of the busy streets when he was approached by a young beautiful lady who claimed she was a student in one of the universities in the town and wanted his assistance.

"She asked if I could pay her some amount for the service. The offer was irresistible as she looked young and beautiful. After the act, I wanted to pay her the agreed amount but she declined saying we had agreed much more than that. Out of blues, a group of ladies emerged, ransacked my pockets, stealing all the money I had," Peter narrated.

"As the economy bites hard, the sex workers will no longer bargain for less and will use dubious ways to trick and steal on unsuspecting men," added Dismus, a worker in Eldoret town.

Many men have fallen victims of the tricks and it is advisable to exercise caution when walking through the streets that are known to be having the twilight girls at night so as not to fall victims of robbery.