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Why court decision on man convicted for slaughtering cats is wrong

Reuben Simiyu
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James Kimani makes an appearance before Nakuru court. [Photo/]

The desision by Justice Joel Ngugi to reduce the initial sentence handed down to the man convicted for selling cat meat to samosa vendors was wrong.

Justice Ngugi arrived at the decision after a successful appeal by the controversial butcher who is said to have been in the mix since 2012.

The decision is an insult to our justice system and what we all stand for.

This is someone who has no regard for animal and human life yet he will be able to walk free among the very people that he fed with abominable food.

It will be so hard for the samosa lovers who have had to do with a different brand of meat for close to six years albeit unawares.

He had initially been given two years sentence by Nakuru Chief Magistrate Bernad Mararo after he pleaded guilty. 

It was, however, a very sad day for all Nakuru cats after their 'slayer' was given a relatively easy escape route out of the dungeons.

The initial sentence was too light for him. He should have been made to regret toying around with people's lives and dietary systems.

He deserved longer than a whole decade behind bars as a lesson to all those thinking of going the same path.

But the reduction of the sentence is 'good news' to his accomplices and everyone thinking of doing the unfortunate business in the future.

The suspect has his own rights provided for in the constitution but I doubt if he is really fit to have his place in the society especially with his absolutely alien behavior and unbecoming state of mind.

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-Reuben Simiyu

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