We all have different expectations as far as romantic love is concerned. 

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One of the best moves you can make when it comes to romance is starting by loving yourself. 

For you to be happy in your love life, you need to love yourself first. 

Many individuals find it hard balancing self-love and romantic love. 

Here are three ways learning to love yourself completely changes how you love someone else:

1. You feel complete

You will not feel like you are missing someone to make you complete. 

You will live knowing that all is well. You do not need approval from anyone to do anything. 

Life will be more meaningful when you truly treasure yourself.

2. No more playing waiting games

You will not wait to get anything from someone because you can do it yourself. 

You won't depend on someone else to make you happy. 

 You will also become a master of your own destiny in life.

3. It is easy to accept your partner’s flaws

 No one is perfect in this world. 

When you love yourself, you will accept his or her weakness. 

Love becomes stronger when you accept your partner the way he or she is.