Opposition leader Raila Odinga is expected to take another shot at the top seat in 2022, though he remains silent on his plans.

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However, here are some people from his Luo Nyanza bedrock who might deny him the seat. 

1. Raphael Tuju

The ex-Rarieda parliamentarian has on several occasions denied Raila the seat courtesy of his tendency to always be on the opposite side.

This, however, is despite him being from Raila's Siaya county bedrock. He oversaw Raila's loss in 2007, 2013 and 2017.

Currently the Jubilee Party Secretary General, he is likely to rally behind Deputy President William Ruto as per the party's succession plan.

2. Okoth Obado

The Migori Governor has earned a slot among anti-Raila crusaders courtesy of his rebellious nature lately.

He was reportedly the force behind Eddy Oketch who challenged Raila's ODM's Ochillo Ayacko for the concluded Migori senatorial seat.

After his release from detention in October 2018 over the murder of Rongo Student Sharon Otieno, he was seen to be very close to Ruto.

He could back Ruto against Raila and take over as his point man in the county if their closeness is anything to go by.

3. Underperforming elected leaders

Raila's eligibility will heavily rely on the performance of his Luo Nyanza allies, most of whom are in office on the ODM ticket.

A shoddy job will always land on Raila's shoulder, as a failure to coordinate the small group might imply that he cannot lead an entire nation.

Therefore, his future also depends of them.