A section of Homabay Members of County Assembly (MCAS) are now accusing the county leadership of engagement in graft.

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This comes amid an ongoing row pitting the County Speaker Elizabeth Ayoo and a section of rival lawmakers, leading to recurrent fights in the assembly.

According to members allied to the Speaker, some of whom are now threatening to resign, the exchange has turned the county into a haven for graft and theft and misappropriation of public funds.

Led by Deputy Majority Leader Joan Ogada, the members on Wednesday accused Governor Cyprian Awiti and his deputy Hamilton Orata of maximizing on the confusion to engage in corruption.

“Whenever we fight, the executive rejoices in the confusion and it is time we got united and started doing things afresh for the sake of the electorate,” she was quoted by Mediamax Digital.

To further benefit from the situation, she claimed that the two county bosses have been reluctant to intervene and mediate between the warring parties despite several requests.

“We sent a request to various leaders at the Executive including Governor Awiti and his deputy Hamilton Orata with an intention of uniting us. The messages fell on deaf ears,” she added.

The members who sum up to about 20 have vowed to hand over their resignation letters next week should the house not be dissolved for new elections.