It is normal to be nervous on first dates. Many people find it hard to express themselves when they meet their crush for the first time. 

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You must embrace tactics that will enable you to calm down so that you can have a meaningful conversation at the end of the day. 

Here are three tips that will help you calm your nerves before a first date:

1. Realise why you are unsettled

 You need to go back to the drawing board and discover what is making you feel nervous. 

Do you lack confidence in yourself? Have you ever been through such a situation before and it never ended well? 

Find out the cause for fear before going for the date.

2. Make safe and comfortable plans

 You have to think about your safety and comfort when planning for the date. 

Do not meet someone when you have no peace of mind. 

If you are not okay with the date, then you better postpone it. Only go for that date if you are comfortable with everything. 

3. Be time conscious

Ensure the date is short enough so that you can leave on time. 

A longer date could be embarrassing. 

Create room to start missing him or her immediately you meet by making the date shorter.