There are many things we go through in life. 

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Some of the experiences we face can make or break us.  

There comes a time when you feel you cannot fight on anymore. 

If you want to get back on track, then you must be ready to make sacrifices. 

Do you feel like you are almost giving up in life?  

We have outlined four warning signs you are losing track of your life:

1. You have become too pessimistic

Negative thoughts kill our dreams in life. 

If you are ever negative minded, then it shows you are losing track in life. 

2. You disconnected from friends and family

We need friends and family to be successful. 

When you feel disconnected, it shows you are not all right. 

You need that connection to make things right.

3. Your appetite fluctuates

A change in your appetite from time to time could spell doom in your life. 

Loss of appetite can make you weaker.

4. You question everything

Do you seek answers for everything that happens in your life? 

Life is full of ups and downs. 

However, when you start questioning everything, it means you are not ready to fight on. 

Find the right path if you feel like you are looking for answers for everything that does not happen as planned in your life.#MyLifestyle