WhatsApp, a step sister to Facebook, is a freeware and messaging application on mobile devices and partially on computers that allows sending and receiving of messages, voices, videos, among many other medias.

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Those willing to use the app are only required to register by providing a standard mobile number which they own and will be allowed to use the app freely.

For years Kenyans like others across the world, have enjoyed the use of this amazing app especially while connecting with friends and family members in sharing different media.

Like any other app on the Internet, developers have come up with clone apps that work like WhatsApp official app itself, even some have powerful features than the official app.

GB WhatsApp is one of the clone app that is rapidly taking over in Mombasa. This is can be revealed by how people on WhatsApp groups are requesting the links to shift to GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp has a number of powerful features which are attracting more users regardless of its source code being under security risk doubts.

Some of the features include:

1. One can send up to 90 images at a time.

The official WhatsApp only allows 30 images at a time.

2. One can hide his or her last seen but still view contacts' last seen.

The official WhatsApp advocates for equality where if you decide to hide your 'last seen', you will also be restricted from seeing the last time your contacts were online.

3. Viewing your contacts' status

With GB WhatsApp, one can view your status without appearing on the list of those who viewed your status. One can secretly know what you are sharing without your knowledge. The case is different with the official app.

4. GB WhatsApp enables one to hide when online

The normal WhatsApp shows your contacts when you are online unless you blocked them. The case is different with GB. One can be online but his or her contacts cannot tell.

5. The blue, grey, double and single ticks

On default WhatsApp official, when a message is sent, a single grey tick appears, two grey ticks will appear when the message is delivered. The grey ticks will turn blue when the message is read. With GB, one can read the message but still leave a single grey tick for the sender.

6. GB WhatsApp user is alerted when a contact comes online, this is not the case with official app.

Regardless of the above best features offered on GB WhatsApp among others not listed here, the security of app's user is not guaranteed. First, the app itself is not found on Playstore or Appstore, an indication it is not fully safe for users.

Mombasa residents, especially college and university students should think twice before installing the app.