True love takes time. Time is quintessentially the common denominator for virtually anything that is worth having. It could be that it is proving problematic to find that special someone to love. You wish to enter a relationship and feel the love but something seems to be consistently puncturing the vehicles that are to take you to true love.

It's hard to accept the truth, however, the problem could be lying within you. You could be running away from true love because of many factors you may be reluctant to take care of.

But what are the indicators that point towards the fact that you are shutting the door in true love's face? Here are the signs.

1. You are obsessed with thrills

Do you find it hard to give anyone time just because they can't do this or that or are deficient in some capacity? Your obsession with the best there is will no doubt keep those who want to genuinely love you away from you. You will thus wander for a very long time before true love comes your way.

2. Unrealistic expectations

Any form of expectations will no doubt have some sort of an impact on your heart. Your extreme expectations of the perfect lover will translate to your disappointments every time someone that comes along is way below what you would like to see.

3. You are overly egocentric

In a relationship, you must make sure you maintain who you are inside and outside the relationship. If you want all that the relationship has to offer you, there will be problems and you will no doubt have to take good care of all that comes about, well at least you will have to be prepared.