Kenya,  being the leading economy in East and Central Africa,  means that the leader of the country is most likely to be the influential one. 

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Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi on his channel the 5th estate used the recent political situation in the region to show how Uhuru has become the most respected and influential leader in the region. 

"Uhuru went to Arusha by road and on his way back he brought the Burundi vice president with him.  They addressed the crowd on their way back," the analyst indicated that as the first proof. 

"At State House, vice president of Sudan visited Uhuru with a special message from Al-Bashir, Sudan is falling apart," this was the second proof.

He added even before the Sudanese vice president could report to his boss, Zimbabwe sent a military general with a special message for Uhuru that Zimbabwe is bleeding with unrest. 

Furthermore,  the visit by the president of DRC to Uhuru on Wednesday cemented Uhuru's influence in the region. 

"On Wednesday, the newly Elected President of DRC visited Uhuru, at face value this was politics as usual,  yet Uhuru was the only head of state to attend his swearing-in, in Kinshasha Zaire," added the analyst. 

The analyst is arguing Uhuru is taking over the region from Museveni and Kagame and therefore Kenyans need to support him fully.