A section of Kiambu sex workers has continued to defy a ban on daytime commercial sex trade.

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The Kiambu County Government while imposing the ban argued that among other things it was encouraging immorality and indiscipline in the society.

However, defiant sex workers, especially in Thika town, continue to go about their business wary of the ban. Consequently, they have adopted new strategies to go on working as usual without risking harassment or even arrests by the county authorities.

Here are some of the strategies that Thika twilight girls have resorted to in order to stay afloat in the illegal business.

1. Call-on-demand

According to Jossy (not her real name), many sex workers are nowadays taking their clients contacts especially the regular ones to ensure that they can be found if required during the day.

"The client just needs to call you in case he requires you during the day and then you can agree on where to meet. This has proved effective to some of us who maintain loyal clientele," said Jossy in Kiswahili on Monday.

2. Takeaway

Jossy also notes that some of them now accept to go with their clients who do not want 'to risk' being caught in the brothel during the day. She adds that as long as the client pays for the fare 'there is no big deal in having it anywhere that the client suggests'.

3. Decamping to estates

Cate who juggles between two notorious Thika town centre brothels says that since the ban was imposed, a couple of her friends have shifted their operations to Makongeni where police and county 'askaris rarely harass us'.

"Estate business has become an option for some of us who have since moved there. The problem with estates, however, is that the business is not as booming as here the reason others and myself have decided to stay put," she says.

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