It feels great to find a man who treats you right. Most Kenyan women complain that men in this country are not romantic enough. 

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Well, if you have a man in your life who deeply loves you, do not let him go. 

As we approach Valentine’s day, every woman in a relationship has expectations. 

If he does these three things on Valentine’s day, he’s simply the best:

1.Sends you a romantic message

Some men are always too busy to the point that they cannot even send their loved ones messages on this date. 

The right man will not let the day end before sending you a romantic message that will melt your heart. 

If he is going to send you a sweet message on Valentine's day, then do not take him for granted. 

2. Gifts you

Gifts are a sign of love. If a man presents to you a gift on Valentine's day, then he truly treasures you. 

Remember millions of women wish their men would give them gifts, but they never get such opportunities. 

3. Cooks for you

A man who enjoys cooking for his partner is not easy to find. 

Most men believe that cooking is a reserve for women. 

If he hits the kitchen and prepares your favourite meal, then you are lucky. 

It can also be a good idea to join him in the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal on this day.