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Lulu Hassan unveils her new co-host after Kanze Dena's departure

Brian Sikulu.
Lulu Hassan and Kadzo Gunga who will be her new co-host. [Photo/ ]

Citizen TV's Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena are probably the best duo to have ever existed in the Kenyan TV industry. 

The dynamic duo had one of the best chemistry that always kept viewers glued to their screens.

The two were however forced to part ways after Kanze Dena was appointed as deputy head of the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU) on June 5th. 

It was an emotional departure as Lulu Hassan almost cried during their last presentation together.

On July 10 Tuesday, Lulu Hassan Introduced Kadzo Gunga as her new co-host. 

The two who also appear to be close friends will be the hosts of Citizen TV's weekend Swahili bulletin. 

This was after she had revealed to Kenyans the level of sisterhood that she shared with Kanze Dena in a long emotional post. 

The duo has worked together for close to five years.

In a photo that Lulu Hassan posted on one of her social media accounts, she had the following caption; “Meet my new partner in crime @kadzoh_gungah 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍”.

Kadzo Gunga has been working as a reporter at Citizen TV for more than a year.

Will Kadzo Gunga fill the shoes of Kanze Dena and bring back the chemistry that kept thousands glued to their screens? Only time will tell.

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