They came, they saw, they conquered.

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This is perhaps the best way to describe this batch of Gikuyu radio presenters whom during their peak moments on radio were not only household names, but also many listeners' darlings.

While some may have left the airwaves to venture in other things like politics or personal matters, others just left radio amid a thick cloud of controversy.

Irrespective of the circumstances under which they hanged their radio boots, many of their fans can today tell you that they left way too early before their time on radio 'ripened'.

We list just but a few of them below.

1. The Githingithia-Njaramba duo

The two can widely be credited for laying the foundation stone upon which the modern day Kikuyu comedy is built on.

The duo started off on Kikuyu mother radio, Kameme FM, in early 2000 where they gained massive popularity.

Their 'Hadithi za Abunuwasi' rib-cracker tales were not only entertaining but also educative because each came with a valuable moral lesson.

2. Mucheru Wa Kaboi

Kaboi started on at Kameme FM as a classifieds voice-over artist before rising through the ranks to become a stand-in presenter.

However, Kaboi would not make a mark till he moved to Inooro FM in early 2012 where he doubled as a news presenter and a comedian.

Nevertheless, it is in the capacity of a comedian where he went by the moniker Prof Hannington Mugweru where Kaboi would become insanely popular.

His professorial comical rhetoric still rings in the minds of many people. Despite Kaboi's massive popularity under the Prof Mugweru title, Royal Media Services was reportedly forced to unceremoniously dismiss him in 2014 after he was allegedly unable to manage his 'undying' love for the bottle.

3. Gathoni Wamuchomba

When she presented Inooro FM breakfast show alongside a fiery weekly political show (Kiririmbi Kia Inooro) between 2003 and 2006, Wamuchomba would be crowned 'Queen of Kikuyu Radio Politics'.

After leaving Inooro FM in 2006 to venture in many flopped media enterprises, her comeback on radio in 2013 where she presented the now-defunct Kameme FM 'Muiguithania' show would revive her otherwise forgotten radio prowess.

Unfortunately, Gathoni would once again abandon the microphone in the run-up to 2017 General Election to vie for the Kiambu Woman Rep seat where she was elected with just slightly less than a million votes affirming her wide popularity.