Many remember Mohammed Abduba Dida as the most hilarious presidential aspirant the country has ever had.

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But what many do not know is the fact that Dida was a high school teacher registered with the Teachers' Service Commission (TSC). 

Before getting into elective politics, the former presidential aspirant taught at Lenana High school among other public sesecondary schools.

It can now be revealed that Abduba Daida taught English and religion the Lenana High, a combination that he registered with the Teachers' Service Commission while applying for his TSC number.

Besides being a dedicated teacher, Dida is best remembered for his hilarious profile during the past electioneering periods, a trait that saw him branded 'a political joker'. 

Among the many statements by Dida that have endured the test of time is when he told Kenyans at a televised interview that President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga would lead the country nowhere for they had been the same game of politics for decades.

Abduba Dida is a native Somali man, born and raised in North Eastern Kenya. 

It is unclear whether he will be in the presidential ballot come 2022.